Mentora College, backed by over 40 years of educational excellence, offers English language courses and professional development programs to students from around the world. Overseas representatives contribute to the success of our programs by relaying the educational needs of students in their regions, helping us to create relevant programs to meet those needs. Our agents also help students navigate the complexities of international education systems and immigration processes.

Reasons Students Choose Mentora College in Washington, DC:

  • Washington DC is the nation’s capital and the seat of the federal government
  • Washington DC is a vibrant, culturally diverse city with many unique attractions
  • Washington DC is home to the nation’s most celebrated art collections and cultural sites
  • Washington DC is home to America’s top leaders, experts, and decision makers, providing exciting opportunities for students interested in global affairs, politics, and democracy.
  • Washington DC is a central location with fine dining, world-class entertainment, and great shopping.
  • Washington DC was honored as America’s healthiest city in 2014, with the most parks, swimming pools, trails, and sports fields per capita.

Becoming an Agent

Mentora College is looking for qualified individuals dedicated to promoting our programs and the international education exchange system with the highest of ethical standards and integrity. If you are interested in becoming an agent for Mentora College, please contact us at


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