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We, at Mentora College, also offer a program for young students between the ages of 10 and 17. Our aim is to spark interest for a new language as well as the culture that surrounds it. We help young students develop competency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking while gaining experiences in personal growth. Through this program, students will become familiar with American culture as they practice the language learned in the classroom in real-life settings.

If interested, you should start by taking a placement exam at Mentora College. You will be assessed by two faculty members on your speaking and writing skills. You will then be placed in a level -from Pre-intermediate to Intermediate- that would best suit your needs.

While learning with us, you will complete tasks both individually and in groups. Our aim here is to help you boost not only your English, but also your self-confidence and teamwork ability.

What you should know about the Youth Program:

• Each session runs for three (3) weeks, including orientation at Mentora College
• Class sizes will not be more than 18 students, which means you will get personal attention.
• You will do three (3) hours of English lessons everyday (3 individual lessons with 2 short breaks)

You will have plenty of opportunities to participate in fun activities outside of the class:

• Walking past the White House, taking a tour of the Capitol Building, or strolling around the Washington Monument are just a few of the activities within walking distance to our school.
• Seeing the Lunar Module or the iconic planes at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, or the dinosaurs at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum can take you to different dimensions, all within a short space of time and a short trip from our school.
• Taking a trip to New York City can add a whole new perspective to your American experience.
• Visiting amusement parks and summer festivals would add flavor to your stay.
• Hearing the rushing water of the Potomac river while hiking in the woods is an experience you will never forget.
• Enjoying a trip to the zoo will give plenty of photos for your Instagram.

This is the kind of recreation that would complement your class work. We make sure you receive equal time for lessons and fun activities. We can only enroll up to 80 students for each new session and our youth program is on a first-come first-served basis. So, act quickly!

Your safety is our priority. You will be accompanied by at least two chaperones for every 15 students when travelling from your home country. The chaperones will also support you after school and during the weekends.


Hi, my name is Emili Gomez from Valencia, Venezuela. Since I started my studies in Mentora my English has improved a lot, as much as writing, speaking, and listening. I think this is the meaning of success, that you totally improved all your skills. Mentora is so good and everyone who studies here is very lucky to be part of such a good language school. My favorite teacher is Brandon. He is very friendly and understanding.


Hi, My name is Panisara. I am a Thai student who has studied here for almost 2 years. Honestly, I really really love this college. We are such a family, I feel happy every session to join the class. Every teacher makes me feel free to ask and talk, especially enjoy the class even though what we are studying is quite difficult.


My name is Shuudertsetseg, I am from Mongolia. I have studied at Mentora College for over 1 year. My College is about a structured and efficient curriculum that helps me apply everything that I study in real life. Having a set of brilliant professors who are willing to go to great lengths for students, only adds to its perks.



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